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InterSystems Reports

Our company uses a powerful reporting and business intelligence tool created by InterSystems, which is used in a variety of industries and activities, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing and more

InterSystems & Logi Reports
Our developers use InterSystems Reports, which is powered by Logi Report. Logi Reports is a reporting and business intelligence platform developed by Logi Analytics. It allows users to create and customize reports from a variety of data sources, including databases, files and web services.
The main advantages of InterSystems Reports
  • 1

    Extensive feature set

    Provides a wide range of functions for creating reports, including graphs, tables, charts, and more

  • 2


    Integrates with other InterSystems products, such as InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems Cache, allowing users to create reports from data stored in these systems

  • 3

    Multiple export formats

    Supports many export formats, including PDF, XLS, HTML, XML

  • 4

    Ease of use

    Provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly create and customize reports

  • 5

    Interactive reports

    Allows you to create interactive reports that can be easily customized and used to make business decisions

  • 6

    Support for various data sources

    Supports report creation from various data sources, including databases, files and web services

  • 7

    Fast report generation

    Allows you to quickly create reports thanks to many ready-made templates and settings

  • 8


    Can be easily scaled to handle large amounts of data and support large numbers of users

  • 9


    Accurate positioning of headers, footers, aggregate, detailed data, images and attached reports

Steps of working with a client
We use InterSystems Reports to define and format the report. Data from InterSystems IRIS is available during report development.
After completing the report, our developer tests it with InterSystems IRIS data and publishes the report on the InterSystems Reports server.
After the report is published to the server, business users access the server through a browser.
What can you do?
  • Run, filter and modify reports
  • Export reports to various formats
  • Plan to send reports by email or FTP
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